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And here we go again: Microsoft creates “super-fair” page comparing Macs to PCs

From time to time, Microsoft comes up with a new political campaign attacking Macs or comparing them to PCs never in a totally fair way, never thinking 100% in favor of consumers. In a new page that has just aired, entitled ?Do the Math? (in Portuguese, ?Faa as Contas?), no different.

Microsoft - Do the math Macs vs. PCs

Right away, Microsoft compares a 17 ? MacBook Pro ($ 2,350) to an HP Pavillion DV7 ($ 1,000), stating that the $ 1,350 difference could be used ?on a trip to Hawaii? instead of ?browsing on the Web".

Perhaps the best example to demonstrate how much the leaky campaign takes a look at the comparative table that Microsoft has put together in connection with the 11-inch MacBook Air (click on the image below to enlarge it):

Microsoft comparison with MacBook Air

Shall we analyze this, top to bottom?

  • Microsoft placed the MacBook Air alongside three * netbooks *, only one with an 11.6-inch screen and none with the same display resolution / quality.
  • The MacBook Air * no * has a hard drive (HDD), as listed in the table, but a solid state drive (SSD) infinitely faster than any of the others that were wrongly listed as best analyzing only their storage capacity .
  • The Airs' current Core 2 Duo processor is not yet a ?Sandy Bridge?, but remains superior to all others on the table.
  • I'm sorry, Microsoft, but I want PROOF that any of these machines reach the promised 10 hours average on their batteries. The 5 am MacBook Air is real.
  • Poor users who are forced to use Windows Live support and do not have iLife access.
  • MobileMe costs $ 100 a year, but it is not mandatory and is not just about online data storage. In addition, free alternatives, such as Dropbox, are also available for Mac users.
  • Security protection ?purchased separately?? Hahahaha! We don't * need *, Microsoft.

Other questions: why did Microsoft only compare weights (Air won, by the way) and not the physical dimensions of these machines? What are their graphics chipsets? Do they all have conventional-sized keyboards and multi-touch trackpads? Ah, to finish, remember: none runs Mac OS X.

Cool, huh? Fair, very fair Do you do the math.

(via WinRumors)