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Anatel approves the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad

Launched ?silently? at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, along with new Macs, the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad has just been approved by the National Telecommunications Agency.

The keyboard identified by the A1843 model comes to replace the previous one from Apple, which also had a straight numerical area, but was wired (now discontinued).

The Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad has controls for you to easily scroll through documents and standard-sized arrows, ideal for games. A mechanism scissor under each key gives more stability and optimizes the movement of the keys, and a new design offers a more precise and comfortable typing experience. The numeric keypad is also great for spreadsheets and financial applications. The duration of the internal rechargeable battery is surprising. It keeps your keyboard running for about a month or more, until it needs charging again.

Here is the Homologation Certificate issued by Anatel:

Keyboard at Anatel

The Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad has been in the Brazilian online store since the announcement, but is still unavailable for purchase. Now, with Anatel's release, it should be released at any time.

In Brazil, the new keyboard costs R $ 809.10 (or up to 12x R $ 74.92). In the United States, it costs $ 129.