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Analyst believes Macs will migrate to ARM processors early next year (we don't)

At least one analyst has already put his chips in the rumors about a possible transition from Intel processors to ARM on Macs: Ben Reitzes, from Barclays Capital, says that the first machines equipped with the new chips would be the MacBooks Air, already in early 2012 .

MacBook Air on its side

"We believe that Apple is already working hard on software to achieve this feat in the MacBooks Air line," said Reitzes. ?Through its own development of ARM-based iOS processors and software, this migration would be even natural for Apple. It is already prioritizing extended battery life and ultraportability in its current line of MacBooks Air, which uses (memories) NAND instead of HDDs. ?

Personally, I find this all unlikely. First, because Apple's relationship with Intel is going from strength to strength, with products constantly updated and Ma getting even some exclusive and pioneering deals. Second, such a new transition, just a few years after that of PowerPC chips for Intel, would put Apple in a delicate position and would certainly leave developers confused, however smooth it might be.

It may be that Mac OS X Lion is already being prepared and tested on ARM chips, of course. But Apple would only go this way if the benefits were really significant, and today I can't say for sure. I think next year is very early; who knows l for 2014? And to add more fuel to the fire: will Macs ever run iOS?

(via Barron?s)