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Adobe presents news for Creative Cloud, in addition to the new Felix and Nimbus projects, and an intriguing voice simulator

This year's edition of the Adobe MAX creative professionals conference is taking place this week in San Diego, California (United States), and the legendary software company has already taken the stage to announce a series of news for both its program suite Creative Cloud as in relation to new experiences that will soon be seen on the computers of professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Check out a little of everything, below.

Project Felix

One of the great announcements of the day was the Project Felix, a new software for Creative Cloud that combines the simplicity of editing 2D images with an intuitive interface to create and manipulate 3D objects within it. The program automatically detects the luminosity, depth, textures and other information of a given scenario and adjusts the properties of the created / manipulated object to correspond to this scenario, providing highly ?photorealistic? creations.

Adobe's Project Felix

One of the focuses of the program is to offer the least sharp learning curve possible and this intention is already exposed in its two main modes: design and rendering. In the first, it is possible to model the shapes in 3D and apply them to the most varied scenarios, while the second is dedicated to rendering these scenes to make them as realistic as possible.

Project Felix will be available in a testing phase for Creative Cloud subscribers by the end of the year and, as usual with new Adobe software, will still go through a long beta phase before earning a ?definitive? name and first stable version.

Project Nimbus

The second Adobe project presented today is called Project Nimbus, and it can be classified as a kind of reinvention of Lightroom (which, at least for now, remains untouched), with a focus on integration between mobile applications and desktops, and artificial intelligence as a way to simplify work and the search for content .

Project Nimbus presents smart tools for photo editing and album management with entire photo libraries, as is already a Lightroom trademark, but with some cards up its sleeve. The application supports, for example, natural language, allowing the user to simply search for ?photos of food? or ?photos with blue sky? to find these results which Google already does with mastery.

Adobe Project Nimbus

Also a focus of the project is the continuous work between fixed and mobile devices, so, in the biggest iOS / macOS Continuity style (when it works, of course), the changes made to the mobile application are immediately reflected on the computer, for example. Image editing is, as usual, non-destructive and also takes advantage of Adobe's artificial intelligence platform, Sensei, for automatic suggestions and retouching.

Project Nimbus will be available as a beta product sometime next year, for Creative Cloud subscribers. It is not yet clear, however, whether it will be converted into a new version of Lightroom when it is released in its final version or if it takes the form of a separate product. Let us wait.

Project VoCo

Certainly the most intriguing thing of all yesterday?s announcements, the Project VoCo a new software project that promises to be a kind of ?Photoshop of the voice?.

Displayed in a still extremely early version, the audio editor's cat jump will synthesize anyone's voice simply with a stretch of his speech, allowing parts of the speech to be edited, adding or exchanging words, or even creating entire speeches with the voice of a certain individual what can be a gift for speeches, narrations and audio-books and a complete nightmare for courts and investigations based on supposed ?secret recordings?, I imagine.

In the demonstration presented, the software processed a 20-minute audio with the speech of a person using state-of-the-art technologies for voice recognition and noise cancellation and then managed to replicate his voice almost perfectly with new words, which, frankly, quite scary.

Because Adobe is still in the very early stages of development, it has not given a deadline to launch Project VoCo publicly, not even in test versions. Certainly they will still have a fair amount of discussion on ethics before dropping such a bomb on the world.

What's new in Creative Cloud

Updates were also announced by the company for all major Creative Cloud applications. O Photoshop gains a universal search bar for the user to quickly find tools, menus, Adobe Stock content, help and tutorials, as well as better support for the SVG format.

O Premiere gets a new version, still in beta, of Character Animator, which allows the creation of animated characters with easy indita; Also included in the software is better support for virtual reality content and new video sharing features across multiple platforms. O After Effects, in turn, was awarded a new 20x faster 3D rendering engine. In both applications and the Prelude, the collaboration feature Team Projects (still in beta) allow video editing by multiple users at the same time this one I want to see!

Adobe Spark

O Dreamweaver features a redesigned interface and a new ?faster and more flexible? code entry mechanism, according to Adobe itself. O Spark, in turn, receive new exclusive features for Creative Cloud subscribers, such as the possibility to remove any Adobe subscription from their projects, the free version of the application will continue to exist normally, however.

A new beta version of the app design app was also announced Adobe XD, which is very close to winning a stable version. In this latest update, the software has gained a series of features long requested by users such as tabs, symbols (elements that are repeated on several screens and can be edited simultaneously), preview in real time on mobile devices (iOS or Android) and sharing options more in-depth collaboration.

Finally, great news for 87.5% of smartphone users around the world: Adobe has announced that its previously exclusive iOS mobile apps, such as Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Sketch and Comp CC, will soon be available also for Android and with new features, like the possibility of using Photoshop brushes in Sketch, for example (features that I also turn to iOS, of course).

More news

Finally, news was also announced for Adobe stores and content centers. The Stock, image bank, videos and graphics of the company, gain new formats thanks to a partnership between Adobe and Reuters with that, thousands of new images and videos covering current affairs will be available on the platform every day.

In addition, the content library will expand to include templates, lighting schemes and materials for Project Felix, and include a visual search service similar to that of Google, to find similar images in your catalog.

Adobe Stock

O Adobe TypekitIn turn, it also gained a welcome novelty: from now on, in addition to the subscription scheme that allows unlimited access to the library, Adobe will allow the purchase of more than 6,000 individual sources, for lifetime use. THE Typekit Marketplace It will work in partnership with a number of font producers and designers will set prices for their creations.

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These are very interesting news for the creative market and some of them, like Project Felix, will certainly open many doors to new possibilities in the digital world. What did you think was cooler? Tell us in the comments!