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7/7 Plus iPhones offer a software alternative if the Home button breaks

O Home button (Home) of iPhones 7/7 Plus, without a doubt, a great engineering novelty. For the user, little has changed, except for one thing: when you press / press the button, there is no physical movement; what we have is a feedback from the iPhone vibration engine (Taptic Engine) to simulate that click exactly the same as we have on Apple's trackpads (present on the MacBook, MacBook Pro and Magic Trackpad 2).

Inside, however, we are talking about something completely new, mainly because we don't have so many moving parts, which helps to guarantee the water resistance of the device. As a table, as we have a smaller number of pieces, the Incio button has greater robustness, which certainly avoids breaks. This does not mean, however, that he is immune to problems.

A user of the forums MacRumors, for example, noticed that his iPhone 7 restarted from nowhere, automatically, while it was recharging. When calling, he came across the following message:

Home button on iPhone screen

Start Button May Need RepairIn the meantime, you can use the Start button below on the screen.

As the device's tactile feedback was not working directly, the operating system automatically identified this and tried to offer an alternative (via software) to the Home button.

Many of you must know this "ball" in the middle of the screen: it is the AssistiveTouch, a feature that can be activated at General Accessibility. I say that many must know because, in the distant past, users of iPhones 4 suffered from problems with the iPhone Home button and had to use AssistiveTouch to get around the situation until the button was repaired. For basically this is what Apple is doing now, only that automatically: if the system identifies a problem with the button, it offers the alternative above until everything is resolved.

More than that: as we now have a capacitive Start button that does not move (all that we have a tactile feedback from Taptic Engine), the answer we have when using this button on the screen is exactly the same except for the absence of the fingerprint recognition sensor, of course.

It is worth noting that many people currently use AssistiveTouch unnecessarily, just to avoid a possible break of the Home button (something that is unlikely to happen with ps-iPhone 4 models, since Apple tried to correct this defect).

IPhone concept without Start button

At least according to the rumors, the iPhone 7 will be the last model of the Apple smartphone with the presence of an Start button. The idea, according to what they have been saying for, that this button / fingerprint sensor is taken to the screen of the device, allowing a much more interesting design (without borders, with the display occupying practically the entire front part).