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Without much fanfare, Apple updates Time Capsules to 2TB and 3TB [atualizado]

It has not updated its home page, issued a press release and does not appear to have touched the AirPorts Extreme (yet?), But the page about Time Capsules already indicates the arrival of new models of 2TB and 3TB. Compare with the Brazilian, which continues to reference the old 1TB and 2TB.

Time Capsule from the front

Apparently, the new Time Capsules models will maintain the same prices as the current US $ 300 and US $ 500 and, for the time being, there is no reference to news such as local storage of software updates, as was said by the company.

We'll stay connected in more detail

Update (s 11h12)

The pages of the new Time Capsules are already on the air in the United States Apple Online Store: 2TB, 3TB.

A new page for AirPorts Extreme also went live, with the same price and features. O 9 to 5 Mac states, however, that the part number really has been updated.

The products were all removed from the Brazilian store, at least for now.