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With Power 2, you can check your iPhone's battery level right from your Apple Watch – you can even predict how it will look in the future

One of the main purposes of the Apple Watch decrease the number of times the user needs to pull the iPhone out of the pocket to perform trivial operations, such as checking a notification, controlling the playback of music or starting monitoring a physical exercise. One of the simplest tasks (and most common in this life of constant smartphone use), however, is not possible with the clock: checking the iPhone battery. At least not without resorting to a third party solution, like the Charge that we have already commented on.

And here comes the Power 2, new version of the application from Canadian developer Thientam ?Surenix? Bach for Apple Watches. The main purpose of the Power 2, as I said, is quite simple: it adds a complication to the clock that indicates the iPhone's battery level in this way, just raise your wrist to know where your device's longevity is at that moment.

Power 2 for iPhone and Apple Watch app icon

In order not to metamorphose from witness to executioner, the utility checks the iPhone's battery level only every half hour, a reasonable period to give users correct information without abusing the connection between the devices.

The big letter in the sleeve of this new verse make use of the Time Travel feature (Time Travel) of the watch: by turning the Digital Crown, the application gives an estimate of how the iPhone's battery level will be at the selected time. The calculations are based on the moderate use of the device connected to Wi-Fi, so do not expect absolutely reliable results if you are in the middle of an Asphalt Extreme session, for example, it is still worth the estimate.

In addition, the Power 2 can also induce notifications to the Apple Watch alerting you that the iPhone's battery is discharging or even if its charging is complete is a very useful feature if you have left the device connected in another room, for example. Power 2 is available on the App Store for a special launch price of $ 1.

(via 9to5Mac)