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WinX MediaTrans – Transfer files from your iPhone to PC

Transferring files can be quite a chore. Especially when you need to transfer between Apple products like the iPhone and iPad to other devices outside of your ecosystem. The PC is an example. Although it is possible to transfer with iTunes, the process is not the easiest. That is why WinX MediaTrans is positioned as a simpler alternative.

With it, you can transfer files from your iPhone or iPad to your computer and vice versa. This is not the only feature, as the software allows you to manage your playlists and import or export video files in 4K resolution.

Looking for a way to transfer files between your computer and your iPhone? Then see more about WinX MediaTrans in the following paragraphs!

WinX MediaTrans: what?

An alternative to native transfer via iTunes, the program facilitates the process of backing up photos and videos from your mobile phone. In addition, you can also use it to transfer music from your collection offline.

You can edit music information on your phone or computer. Name of the artist, the track and even create custom playlists and albums possible, without any kind of limitation that iTunes prevents.

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<p>  It is important to mention that WinX MediaTrans also allows greater options for managing files. For example, you can delete photos from your iPhone directly from your PC, as well as convert your computer's videos to a format that iPhone and iPad can read.</p>
<p>Another interesting feature is the possibility to import files from your computer, something that iTunes does not allow. You can transfer files from Word, PDF, Excel, digital books and even PowerPoint presentations with the software.</p>
<h2>Backup photos, music and videos from iPhone 11</h2>
<p>The newly released iPhone 11 brought the most advanced cameras on the market. Despite an improvement in storage too, the truth is that the photos you take and the videos recorded on your smartphone will soon make you need more space. Have you seen how much a 4K video can occupy in your memory?</p>
<p>And here's the problem: the iPhone 11 is not compatible with memory cards.</p>
<p>That is why WinX MediaTrans becomes so necessary. Best of all, the transfer speed is one of the highest on the market, making life easier for those who need to make big backups. The program can transfer 100 photos in 4K resolution in just 8 seconds, for example.</p>
<p>In addition, the program can decrypt the songs you purchased on iTunes, allowing you to listen to them on any device, even Android phones.</p>
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