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WhatsApp Groups: 12 tips and tricks

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the largest messaging application in Brazil, with more than 120 million users and, possibly, in the world, with more than 1.2 billion. Therefore, it is very likely that you will also use (or have to use) this platform; so, why not take advantage of tips to enjoy it even more?

In this guide, we will give several tips and tricks to use in WhatsApp groups, from how to create a more advanced features that long-term users may not know about. If you want to see more about this platform, we have a list of tips for WhatsApp Web and also check out the best apps for WhatsApp.

1. How to create WhatsApp groups

Let's start with the most basic: creating group chats. To keep in touch with several people at the same time, have groups in the most interesting ways. Certainly you are already in someone, but even so, let's talk a little about this topic.

Let's start by instructing you to create WhatsApp groups on iOS. To do this, open the app on your home screen, select the option ?Conversations? at the bottom of the screen and at the top right of the screen have the option"New group".

Click on it to go to the group creation page, where you must write the "Group's name" and you can, if you wish, add a profile picture of him. On the next screen, you can add whoever you want to your group by searching by name or clicking on their icons; then just click "Create".

On Android the process is very similar. To get started, open the app. Then click on the three dots and click"New group" to be directed to the next screen, where you select the participants. By clicking on the little arrow on the left, having to type the "Group's name" and select the image if you want.

Create Groups

Both in WhatsApp Web and in the applications for Mac and Windows the process of creating WhatsApp groups is exactly the same as in Android.

2. How to silence WhatsApp groups

Often the user can find himself in a very uncomfortable or catholic group, where people send messages non-stop and even if he wanted to he could follow everything, which can result in frustration, mainly due to constant notifications. In addition, it can be a quick way to discharge the battery of the iPhone or Android.

Considering this, it has a function to silence notifications from any group in a very simple way: just select the group (or any chat you want) and click on the sound icon with a bar that opens a window asking how long you want to silence.

To do this on your computer, just right-click on the group name that an options menu opens; then, select the option to mute notifications.

Mute whatsapp groups

3. How to delete a group

If you are the owner or administrator of any of the WhatsApp groups that have lost their purpose, for whatever reason, you can delete it, even if it is not a particularly simple task.

A user cannot simply click on a group delete button or leave the group to delete, since as long as he still has a member, he remains active. To get rid of it, it is necessary to first remove the users one by one and then leave the group and delete it from your device, which will permanently delete it.

4. Add administrators

If you have a lot of people in one of your WhatsApp groups and you need help moderating or if you want to be able to get out of it without problems, you can promote members to administrator, in a very simple way.

To do this, open a group, go to the information menu and, there, be able to click on someone's name and select the option to promote to administrator.

5. Start a private conversation

If two people who are in the same group want to start a private conversation between them, either because they are getting to know each other by this means or for any other reason, perfectly possible. Remember to check out the best ways to create stickers and emoji that move to make the conversation even more personal

There are two ways to do this: the first one is boring, you need to open the group information and search by name in the participants, click on the person and click on chat with. J the other much simpler, just click on the person in the chat and click on"Talk to".

6. Search for old messages in WhatsApp groups

If you received a link or some important message some time ago, it would typically be quite annoying to find the specific message, since it would be necessary to scroll to the right moment.

However, WhatsApp has a very simple way of doing this, which is to open the group, click on the menuthree dots in the upper right corner and click on"Search". A, just type in a specific term that has been used in the message that will be directed to it.

search whatsapp groups

7. Search for links and files

As much as you can use the other method for this, WhatsApp groups also have a specific function to find this type of message.

simple enough, just go to the three dotsin the upper right corner and click on"Group Media" to open a window with three tabs, the links, the videos and images and the documents sent.

8. Invite people to WhatsApp groups via a link

If you don't have someone's phone number to add to your group, or if you want to create a public group that anyone can join, it's also possible and easy.

To do this, WhatsApp makes invitations available through automatically generated links; first open the group information menu. Then, in the"Participants" click in"Invite via link" that the invitation will be copied to your clipboard.

9. Check the read status

If you want to check if a message has been read by all users who are in any WhatsApp groups, the platform allows, in a very easy way.

As soon as your message is delivered to the group, the user can check who received it and who viewed it. To do so, just select the message and click on the information icon at the top, which will open a screen showing both information and when it was done.

10. Tag people

If you want to ensure that someone will receive a message, circumventing the option of silencing the group, you can tag the person. This also means that, when opening the group, it is redirected directly to the message in which it was marked.

Doing this is extremely easy: just type an at sign @ that will show the names of all members of the group in question; then just select the name of the person you want to dial.

11. Delete messages in WhatsApp groups

If you regret having sent any message, either in a group or in private conversations, you have a period of one hour to delete the message for everyone; after that period, you can only remove the message for yourself.

delete whatsapp groups messages

To remove messages, just click and hold on it, and when the top menu appears, click the trash can icon and?Delete for Everyone?. And, if you want to recover previously deleted messages, just follow this tutorial.

12. Clear all content from any WhatsApp group

If you are in a group that shares a lot of media, possibly your smartphone is full of unnecessary images and videos taking up a lot of space, which is something you can solve.

To manage your WhatsApp-occupied storage, just go to"Settings", Click in?Use of data and storage?, in?Use of storage? and finally, select the conversation or group you want, where to be detailed in what space he is using. click in?Free up space?to delete everything.

clear content for whatsapp groups

So, what did you think of our tips and tricks for WhatsApp groups?

We hope that you have managed to take advantage of our guide. Leave your comments in the comments or if we forgot to add any important tips. Don't forget to also check out our list of desired features for this platform!