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WhatsApp again tests self-destructive messages for groups and individual conversations

Initially, self-destructive messages were made available only to groups. Now WhatsApp can release the function for all modes

O Whatsapp recently returned to try self-destructive messages. It is a feature that allows you to add a countdown to messages so that they are then automatically deleted. The function is much in demand by messenger users, but even so, the company has limited access.

With the first tests in the second half of last year, the Whatsapp made the release of self-destructive messages only for groups. However, it looks like individual conversations may be supported soon. As you caught the site WABetaInfo, O Whatsapp tests the self-destructive contents in version 2.20.84 of the application.

How it works

Screen of the beta version of WhatsApp, where the user can set the time to delete a sent messageScreen where the user can set the countdown to delete a message sent on WhatsApp

In the images released, the feature is being called Delete Messages (or Delete messages, in free translation) and the user can configure the message to be deleted in an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. In version 2.20.84, the settings for self-destructive messages can be performed in the main menu.

Print of shows a watch in which reveals that the message will be deleted soon from WhatsAppIn self-destructive messages, a clock appears to identify that they will be deleted soon

When activated, when sending a message, the Whatsapp features a clock icon next to the shipping schedule. Apparently, the function will be available for all types of interaction in the application, with group and individual conversations.

How to test self-destructive messages on WhatsApp

important to highlight that although the Whatsapp is re-testing self-destructive messages, it does not mean that the company will release the functionality. Even so, the resumption of evaluations raises users' hopes.

If Mark Zuckerberg's company makes the feature official, users of the beta version of the app will have the opportunity to try the functionality first, before reaching the public. To do this, simply request to participate in tests by clicking here.


Telegram logo; messaging app already has self-destructive messagesThe self-destructive messaging feature has been available for a long time to Telegram users

Self-destructive messages in messaging applications are of great interest to the public. This is because they guarantee more security. When you set the display time for a content, it can prevent people from sharing what was said in the future.

O TelegramFor example, it has a consistent encryption system and allows you to define a period to exclude not only text messages, but also images and videos.

And do you, reader, think that the messenger should officially launch the function for everyone? Leave your opinion here in the comments.

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