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What happened to streaming music on iCloud? Explanation # 2: Apple profits from horrors by selling memory

Solid state memory, NAND flash offers streaming of music in her Cloud Player. Google will offer streaming on Music, when you leave the beta phase. Why Apple Doesn't Offer streaming on iCloud? It may seem that Ma was left behind, but in addition to taking into account the weight of the operators when allowing the continuous transmission of music over the air, I must remember that memory in a iGadget worth gold. O Wall Street Journal it dealt with that today.

What is the price difference between a 16GB iPad and a 32GB iPad? Only US $ 100 in the United States and R $ 250 in Brazil. Do you know how much Apple buys these 16GB more? Only $ 15.

Sleep with that noise this profit margin! I think the idea of ??an ?iPhone nano? all based on streaming just went down the drain.

Now let's spice up this story a little. The price of NAND flash memory will only drop over time, which certainly increases Apple's profit margin and, instead of cheapening gadgets, the trend is their ability to increase. In addition, fashion will now have data consumption limits on 3G plans, something that is also coming to residential internet (shocking, but capitalism is that). Do the strategies that depend on streaming will it last in this scenario?

Honestly? It has never been so good to be Apple.

(via Cult of Mac)