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WALTR 2, for Mac, is the easiest way to transfer files and media to your iGadget (or even your old iPod)

Fortunately, when we are forced to turn to iTunes (oh the horror) if we need to pass a particular file from a computer to our iGadgets. Still, as much as we have a series of very simple solutions today to accomplish this task, there is a solution that is able to arrange all the media in its proper iOS applications: music in the Music application, videos in Videos, ebooks in iBooks and so on.

Well, it was missing: developer Softorino is launching the WALTR 2, new version of the Mac application that sends a series of media types directly to your iOS device and, in this new version, goes a little further.

WALTR 2 for Mac

Basically, WALTR 2 is a utility that works entirely on the basis of drag & drop, that is, once the desired device is connected (via USB or Wi-Fi), just drag the desired file and it will be automatically recognized and sent to the iGadget. The leap of the cat here is that the application has an automatic content recognition system, filling a series of metadata fields such as the title and episode of a series, or the cover of a music album, for example autonomously. Songs are even automatically recognized on Apple Music, if the user is a subscriber.

The application can send music to your device, ringtones, videos, PDFs, ePubs and more, converting files to the appropriate format when needed. A feature that will certainly reach fewer and fewer people, but very interesting to have the ability to transfer files to iPods too, and when I say iPod, I really mean any iPod: up to the original 2001 model, supported by WALTR 2. Impressive, isn't it?

Due to restrictions related to its functionality, WALTR 2 cannot be sold on the Mac App Store, but it is available for purchase on the Softorino website for US $ 40 users of the original WALTR can upgrade for US $ 20. There is also a 24-hour trial version for you to check for yourself the remarkable capabilities of the utility. It is worth checking!