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Video: LaCie demonstrates two SSD Little Big Disks connected to a MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt

LaCie had already promised a lot about Thunderbolt at Computex 2011, but now the SlashGear had access to a practical demonstration of two SSD Little Big Disks connected to a 15-inch MacBook Pro Core i7 and a 24-inch Full HD monitor, all in chain (daisy chained).

See how cool that technology:

With all these devices interconnected, a test performed on the MBP wrote a 4GB file on the drives at an average of 325.5MB / s, while their reading reached 827.2MB / s (with peaks of 870MB / s). it also shows three videos stored on the drive being played simultaneously on the external monitor, each in Full HD 1080p resolution and with different formats.

This SSD version of Little Big Disks (in the example above, there are only two 160GB in RAID 0) will hit the market soon, with a variant of HDDs being released shortly thereafter. Official prices have not yet been released by LaCie.