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Upside down, now rumors indicate that Intel chips could reach iPhones and iPads

This is what I call a twist: lately, a lot has been said about the possibility of seeing Macs using ARM processors (it was even mentioned that there is a MacBook Air with this type of CPU being used in Infinite Loop), but now a story has emerged that iGadgets may receive Intel chips in the future! The source of this information is Glen Yeung, an analyst at Citigroup.

A5 Intel Inside Processor

Apple and Intel are negotiating to withdraw from Samsung the contract for the production of A4 / A5 processors, which would be manufactured in Chipzilla. However, the chip giant doesn't really appreciate the idea of ??just being a silicon maker, and she likes even less to use other people's designs to make products, except when she can add a little bit of her touch. How to reconcile such factors with this rumor?

It sounds relatively simple: at first, the two companies would enter into an agreement to produce ARM designs, but eventually iGadgets would migrate to an Intel architecture. This could be beneficial for both sides: for Apple, if the roadmap of your partner is interesting (tri-gate, anyone?), and for Intel, which dominates the PC market, but desperately struggles to achieve some representation in the mobile sector.

Oh, and of course: it would be possible to cut a little dependence on Samsung, whose mobile division is fighting Apple in court over a patent infringement lawsuit filed by the Cupertino giant.

(via SAI)