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Update now: Spotify app for Mac / PC harms SSDs with disproportionate data writing

Another day, yet another flaw discovered in the Spotify for Macs and computers in general. Users of the official service forum streaming, from Reddite dosite Hacker Newsfound that the application had been potentially destructive to storage disks, especially SSDs, for a long time.

Malware being distributed by the Spotify app

It was detected that the software was writing and rewriting absurd and disproportionate amounts of data on the disk where something that could reach tens of gigabytes would be installed in just one hour. This sequence of data rewriting is especially destructive for SSDs, which have a maximum number of operations; such behavior can significantly decrease the useful life of the storage units.

Apparently, the flaw had been present in the app for more than five months and was successfully replicated by the editors of a series of technology publications; to make matters worse, it is present even when the application is inactive or without locally saved music. The software versions for Mac, Windows and Linux showed the behavior, without distinction.

According to the responses from the official Spotify support team on the forum, the bug has already been fixed in verse 1.0.42 of the application, which is already being distributed, the one who writes to you, at least, has already received the update and does not verify the behavior. Apparently, the flaw is related to database files with titles that include the string Mercury.db.

So, if you use Spotify and care about the health of your storage disk, check and update * your application now. On my side, I am a loyal user of the service and I see a number of advantages of it, but these flaws Ah, these failures

(via AppleInsider)