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The 6 best apps for making mobile video calls in 2020

Video calls on Android and iPhone are indispensable today. With the advancement of technology and the speed of the internet, what was previously only foreseen in science fiction now as commonplace as a voice call.

There are several options among the applications for video calls, some simpler, others more complex and some that are already established by high usage today. But calm down, AppGeek made this list of the best!

1. Skype

Instant messaging and video calling with Skype

You probably have already used Skype. The Microsoft application was aimed only at computers, but when cell phones were able to rely on video calls, it didn't take long for the company to invest in a smartphone app.

Skype on the full phone. It has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing the choice of light and dark themes, which make the screen light or dark, according to your taste. In addition, sending text messages is very easy, with a range of emoji to express everything you are feeling.

However, Skype is best known for its voice and video calls. In voice calls, it is even possible to place credits to call real phones.

By video, the audio and image quality is optimal if the internet is reasonable. It is possible to put several people on the same connection and kill the longing for friends and family!

To download Skype, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

2. Hangouts

Instant messaging and video calling with Hangouts

Hangouts is a Google service and one of the best applications for communication. D to send private text messages or create groups with up to 150 contacts. In addition, a video call can be made with up to 10 people.

The quality of the audio and video depends on the users' internet speed, but it does not fall short even on slower connections. The app itself already has an above average browsing speed, making your calls easier.

To make a call to a contact, simply enter the identification and click to call. Simple and fast, with a clean and easy to use interface, keeping your eyes on what really matters.

To download Hangouts, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

3. WhatsApp

Instant messaging and video calling with WhatsApp

Obviously, WhatsApp would not be left out of our selection. the most used messenger application in Brazil and in the world, with more than 1.5 billion users. You could too: the app is completely free and extremely simple to use, which has fallen into popular taste.

Video calls depend on the user's internet speed. They are very effective in killing the longing for friends and family, even if they are abroad, since WhatsApp only uses the internet for calls. It is worth keeping an eye on the spending of mobile data and making video calls over Wi-Fi.

In addition to video calls, WhatsApp allows voice calls. And, of course, instant messages accompanied by emoji and other image features that have probably made you laugh or cry.

To download WhatsApp, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

4. Viber

Instant messaging and video calling with Viber

Considered one of the main competitors of WhatsApp, Viber has a very attractive interface and has several interesting features. Between text messages, using various emoji and stickers, the app also allows voice or video calls.

Free of charge, for using the internet for calls, it is possible to speak to people from all over the world with HD picture and sound quality. Of course, this depends on the connection speed of the user, but in general the application leaves nothing to be desired.

One of the most interesting options in Viber is the possibility of sending video messages. Just hold the instant video capture button and shoot a message for up to 30 seconds. When you release the button, your video message will be sent automatically.

To download Viber, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

5. imo

Instant messaging and video calling with imo

Although very simple, imo is a very attractive app. Besides being light, it has several types of emoji and other stickers to boost your messages. But it is best known for allowing video calls or sending photos and recordings via chat.

With good internet speed, talking to friends and family anywhere in the world becomes a very easy task. Just open the application, select the contact and click the button to make a video call. Perfect for those who want simplicity, but with effective chat and connection features.

To download imo, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

6. Tango

Instant messaging and video calling with Tango

In addition to functioning as a messenger, Tango is almost like a social network. D to see the people using the app near you and choose to send a message or make a call to one of them.

It is a way to make friends or meet that person who may want to move on to the next level of relationship. All of this using high quality video and sound calls, making it easy to find someone to talk to.

To download Tango, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

There are many other application options for messaging and video calls. They all work in a similar way and there are some geared towards learning languages ??or meeting foreigners.

Choose the one that most captivates your attention and be close to the people who are important to you, even just through the small screen. And if you want extra security when talking to strangers, AppGeek explains how to record calls easily.

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