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Telecommunications operators ask for suspension of 5G auction due to COVID-19

After the migration process of the DTT network was suspended due to the constraints associated with COVID-19, ANACOM extended the public consultation on the 5G auction, following the operators' request until 1 April. However, NOS, MEO and Vodafone are now asking the National Communications Authority to suspend it due to the social and economic impact of the pandemic.

The telecommunications operators have already submitted an application requesting the suspension of the 5G ANACOM auction. The Authority has already confirmed the withdrawal of the request to Jornal de Negcios, stating that it is now analyzing it.

The companies claim that, at this moment, all efforts must be channeled to the monitoring and reinforcement of their activities and to ensure that there are no problems in communications in Portugal. Operators also emphasize that the auction process can take several days and, since there are several managers who are working remotely, it will not be feasible to move forward in April.

It is recalled that the draft auction regulation for the allocation of 5G licenses in Portugal was presented on February 10. At the time, ANACOM revealed that the project foresaw the possibility of entry of new operators and "ambitious objectives" of coverage. The reserve price was set at 237.9 million euros.