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Taking the example of Apple TV, new Time Capsules will be able to run iOS on A4 or A5 chips

Giving his opinion about yesterday's rumors about the arrival of new AirPorts Express, AirPorts Extreme and Time Capsules, the Ars Technica raises an interesting possibility, based on what you heard from a source: the new Time Capsules can run iOS, just like the Apple TV, and have an Apple A4 or A5 processor inside.

Time Machine backup via Time Capsule

The site also corroborates rumors that these new Apple Wi-Fi bases with built-in HDDs may download and make updates available locally for Macs and iGadgets connected to them nothing is very revolutionary, but it is still practical and interesting.

O MacRumors one more that not only cites this possibility, as he says he heard from a source that iOS 5 will come even with the long-awaited wireless sync feature. Thus, by joining it to the new Time Capsules, users are supposed to be able to update the operating system of their iPads, iPhones and iPods touch without having to connect them to a Mac / PC via USB.

For me, if there may be some hardware news in the keynote on Monday (6/6), at the opening of WWDC 2011, these are the new AirPorts.