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Take a journey through the history of OS X / macOS with this collection of standard wallpapers in 5K resolution

The war between macOS and Windows is one that will certainly extend as long as these two legends of computer history continue to stand, that is, at least in the near future, I doubt that we will stop seeing endless discussions on Internet forums about which is the best of the two indefectible systems. There are good arguments on both sides, and one of them leans heavily on Apple?s OS territory: wallpapers (or background images, wallpapers as you prefer to call them).

At first, it may seem a minor factor, but think about it: the standard wallpapers of each version of macOS (or, previously, OS X) almost materialize the personality of the system itself, becoming inseparable from the news brought by each update of the system. system. And, fully in line with the perfectionist streak of Steve Jobs, its main creator, standard Macs wallpapers have always been, to a greater or lesser degree, beautiful.

To celebrate these more than 15 years of beautiful "Macpapers", the designer and enthusiast of the world Apple Stephen Hackett, from the blog 512 Pixels, in partnership with the Twitter user @forgottentowel, created a repository with all the works of art that we encounter in the first boot of each of the OS X / macOS released until today. We have l high-resolution copies of all standard wallpapers from Mac OS X 10.1 (Cheetah) to the latest beta for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) for your enjoyment and application on your own machines, who knows for a touch slightly behind them, no same?

Note that when I speak in high resolution, I am not being light-hearted: all images are in glorious 5K resolution, so that they are suitable even for the most current 27 ? iMacs. Those responsible for the work did a whole process of adapting the older images to the standard wallpapers of Cheetah and Puma, for example, they only existed originally in the (today sparse) resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels. Now, no more.

Finally, a question: which of the standard wallpapers is the most beautiful? I have a hunch, but first I'll let you introduce yours in the comments below.

via The Verge