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Surveys indicate that tablets are dominating the technology market, and with Apple ahead

iPads 2Tablets, tablets, tablets. The technology market does not speak, think or invest in anything else since the launch of the iPad in 2010. Three different analysis firms have recently brought data that confirms how much this category of gadgets is making the minds of consumers.

First, Gartner: it has reduced its projections for the PC market, claiming that growth in sales of traditional computers would be slowing because of the furor caused by the arrival of several tablets in mature markets.

This would have generated a certain reserve for consumers when investing in new machines, so that, instead of buying a new desktop or notebook, many preferred to postpone the acquisition and invest in a gadget (but not to replace a PC, it is worth noting ). For now, only emerging markets and companies in time to follow the light and get rid of Windows XP that will sustain sales.

Largest semiconductor consumers - iSuppli

IHS iSuppli concluded a survey that points to Apple as the world's largest consumer of semiconductors, ahead of big names such as Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Dell, Nokia and Sony.

In 2010, Apple acquired $ 17.5 billion in semiconductors, an increase of almost 80% over 2009. It is important to note that 61% of the semiconductors that Ma purchased last year were consumed in the manufacture of iGadgets (mobile products, in rapid growth), while HP used 82% of its acquisitions in desktops, notebooks and servers.

In addition, iSuppli notes that customer loyalty is much greater with Apple products: the incentive to purchase more gadgets and remain loyal to the very large brand. We cannot say the same for HP or Dell, normally consumers choose products from these companies based only on the lowest price.

Tablet market - DisplaySearch

Finally, DisplaySearch released a survey that shows those most responsible for the growth of tablets in certain regions of the world: unknown brands, together called ?Whitebox makers?, and are highly sought after in price sensitive markets such as China.

Focused on creating devices at the lowest possible price, although not with very enviable quality, these companies showed impressive growth in the tablet segment, becoming responsible for almost 20% of sales in the first quarter of 2011. Comparatively, Apple was with just over half of the market, 53.6%, while other major brands had 26.8%.

It is interesting to note that these low quality tablets are almost always powered by Google's mobile operating system, Android has seen its rapid growth worldwide.

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