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Support National Blood Donor Week and other causes with the Fade It app

Daily, many people suffer in hospitals waiting for blood of their kind. Perhaps, we only realize that this is a reality when something happens to us or to someone close to us. So, let us not expect this to happen: with the help of the application Fade It, let's remember how important it is to donate blood and support a cause.

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Fade It was created by Brazilians Carolina Gradel and Gustavo Severo, from BEPiD Rio, and its main focus is to support causes. It is an image editing app whose 12 filters support each one for a different cause and are renewed monthly.

The week of November 21st to 25th considered the National Blood Donor Week; the application is in partnership with Hemorio and brings a special filter to support blood donation. There are two possibilities for stamps, #VEMDOAR and #EUDOEI, to share on social networks and encourage this noble initiative.

According to a recent survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal is that between 3% and 5% of the population of a country is a blood donor. In Brazil, the percentage is less than 2%. Hemorio has the capacity to serve approximately 400 donors per day, however the unit receives only about 200 volunteers daily, and for this reason the creators of Fade It sought Hemorio to help spread the word and create a positive current. The importance of awareness is enormous and our campaign does not end with National Blood Donor Week. It is permanent, since the subject is vitally important for those who need it so much, reinforces Gustavo Severo, a student at the Computer Science Department of CTC / PUC-Rio and one of those responsible for the app.

It is worth remembering that, unfortunately, the number of accidents at the end of the year increases considerably and many people lack blood donations. Therefore, Hemorio uses the week to settle in Cinelndia for three days and has the capacity to receive up to 500 people daily. In addition, it is also possible to donate in the blood center itself, in downtown Rio (Rua Frei Caneca, no 8). If you are not in Rio de Janeiro, look for a blood center near you on this site.

Fade it blood donation

Support the cause by donating blood and using the Fade It filter, which can be downloaded from both the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).

Find out here all the information needed to make the donation (ask questions, contraindications, etc.) and be part of this mobilization because it literally costs us absolutely nothing and we can help many lives with it.