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Study shows that Siri is still the most popular digital assistant, but its users are abandoning it by the millions

Much is said about the often questioned functionality of indefectables digital assistants who live on our smartphones, tablets, computers, smartwatches and smart speakers. Some say that technology has revolutionized his life; others claim that they still need to mature enough to become minimally useful; there is still the group that classifies the trend as a mere wave that will pass briefly, as were 3D TVs or Google Glass.

Too early to say which of these voices will prove to be the closest to future reality; the fact that we have figures that can help to understand the state of the virtual assistants market today and, with that, conjecture possible destinations for the segment. The statistics firm Verto Analytics released a very complete study on the recent history of the use of these noble ladies and, from it, we arrived at an inevitable conclusion: the Crab is in free fall despite being still the undisputed leader of the parade.

Study on the use of digital assistants from Verto Analytics

For that, we only need to look at the basic number of any market, which is that of single monthly users per month. According to the survey, Siri served 41.4 million applicants thirsty for their half-hearted responses over the month of May this year. The number still almost twice as high as that registered by the runner-up, a surprising S Voice (from Samsung), which had 23.2 million users; still, it represents a good drop when compared to the number of single users obtained by the assistant of Ma in May 2016: 48.7 million.

In one year, Siri lost more than 7 million fans. The situation is not the most terrifying because, as a whole, the market for virtual assistants is not very well on the legs counting all representatives of the segment, the use of this technology lost more than 15 million users between November 2016, its pice up the moment, and the last month of May.

On the other hand, strong competitors like Alexa (from Amazon) and Google Assistant they are on a natural upward trajectory, considering their relatively recent launches. Amazon?s user base has soared from 0.8 to 2.6 million users year-on-year, while Google?s is strangely divided into several of its modalities, such as Google Home, Google Allo and Google Now launcher. from 4.5 million to 5.8 million in the same period.

It remains to be seen now, of course, what impact the launch of the HomePod as we know, the explosion of smart speakers is contributing to the adoption of virtual assistants; Apple, however, has already made a point of positioning its newest device as a primarily audio device that relies on Siri as an almost secondary feature. So, only time will be able to tell how that same graph will show up in 365 days.

via Apple World Today