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Several information and confirmations appear about upcoming Apple releases

If you hate to hear rumors, you better stop here. If you like them, also stop and go and prepare popcorn, as the M.I.C gadget got a ba full of them! The good old anonymous sources managed to get very hot information and confirmations about Ma's upcoming hardware releases. Let's go to them, two by two.

Macs Pro & mini

You certainly saw yesterday's confirmation, right? Between late July and early August, we should see a new Mac mini hitting store shelves, and the machine will bring a Thunderbolt door, Sandy Bridge processors and a disturbing lack of decent GPU which means poor gaming performance, but a savings of $ 40 for Apple. Hah, friggin ?hah. : – /

Mac Pro

Be the end of the cheese grater?

As for the Mac Pro, we had the debt planted in our hearts, but on the theme: Ma's professional towers should arrive at the same time as the minis, and carrying a new type of CPU, indicated on PCs and developed especially for Macs. In addition, the machine must have a new design and its server version will be rack-mountable, almost as a way to compensate for the end of the Xserves.

Times Capsule & AirPort Extreme

Confirming recent rumors about Apple's Wi-Fi bases, we will have news for both Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme. For the first, a new design, which helps to dissipate heat better, and super fast, low-consumption hard drives, running Apple's proprietary firmware and with a capacity of 2TB (maybe even 3TB!). AirPorts will already have six antennas and will be able to manage up to three networks at the same time (two closed and one for guests).

Time Capsule from the front

What will both gain the ability to save OS X Lion and iOS 5 software updates in cache is a more than welcome confirmation for anyone who comes home dying to install updates with various new features.

(via MacRumors)