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Rumor: Apple may be preparing new “server” models of Macs mini and Macs Pro

Waiting for updates on the remaining lines of Macs (iMacs and MacBooks Pro were the only ones already renewed) still in 2011 somewhat obvious, but for now the "concrete rumors" pointed only to the arrival of a Mac Pro with a "new simplified design".

Now the 9 to 5 Mac says stocks of ?server? models of both Macs Pro and Macs mini would be running low.

Back side of Mac mini with Cinema Display

Apple is unlikely to update the "server" versions of these two lines without touching the rest of the models, but the simple fact that there is already a movement on them suggests that all will be updated.

Although there is still no set date for the arrival of these new models, a reliable source of the vehicle says that the current situation of the inventory is typical before a renovation. New MacBooks Air and Time Capsules also shouldn't take long to land.