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Review: Drobo, smart home RAID solution with four hard drive bays [atualizado]

In April last year, we announced here on the website the launch of Drobo FS by Data Robotics, a network file storage system. Together with Drobo and Drobo S (this one, for professionals), they complete the DR product line today distributed in Brazil through the Drobo4U reseller.

Drobo models

In this review we will deal with the original Drobo, intended for homes. It has four bays for hard drives (3.5 inch SATA), two FireWire 800 connections and one USB 2.0. It does not have a network interface.


Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Drobo solutions is their ease / speed of installation. Just slide the HDDs into the bays, connect the station to your Mac / PC and install the Drobo Dashboard software, which can be downloaded here (it also comes on a DVD with the product).



Depending on your Mac's settings, the system should then ask you if you want to use the new drive for Time Machine backups:

Time Machine on Drobo

Before we talk about the software, it is worth noting some cool aspects about the device itself. At the rear there is no mystery: only the central fan and ports, in addition to the outside connector inlet and an adapter for Kensington locks.


The cool part is the front, where you have access to HDDs hot swappable. To the right of each one there is an LED, which usually turns green, indicating that the system is configured and without problems. If it is yellow, the HDD's capacity has already exceeded 85%; blinking yellow, it is working / optimizing data; red, the disk has already passed 95% (time to change it); blinking red, there is some disk failure.

At the bottom there are two small LEDs that indicate the power mode (green = on and ready; yellow = on standby; red = high temperature, it should be restarted) and connection activity when data is transferred. Below, blue LEDs indicate the overall capacity used in HDDs, from 0% to 100%.




All of this information, of course, is also accessible via the Drobo Dashboard, on your computer.

Drobo Dashboard - Mac OS X

The software has a futuristic look and contains all the data about your station (or more than one, if applicable), updated in real time with the status of the hard drives and the general and specific capacity used by HDD. It is also possible to schedule and control copies of data, enable a Drobo item in the Mac OS X menu bar, choose to be alerted or not about updates to your software, and also configure notifications via email about the station.

The protection of your data is done in an intelligent and automatic way, from the so-called BeyondRAID (a smart RAID). The idea is that the user does not need to configure or worry about managing any of this.

Learn more about the solution in the video below:

Drobo costs R $ 1,980 in Brazil, an amount that can be paid in up to 3 installments without interest and consists only of the station, without HDDs. Buying through Drobo4U, you can add two discs of 1TB each for R $ 353 or up to four of 2TB each for an additional R $ 1,206.

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Make a note of:




Thanks to your feedback, Drobo4U was able to reduce the selling prices of the Drobo line in Brazil.

See their letter:

Dear consumers,

Drobo4U understands and respects the opinions and statements regarding the price of the Drobo line Home / Professional in Brazil. It is always polemical to deal with this issue when, often, the high taxes and distribution chain culminate in a price very different from other countries, as already happens with many electronic products that enter our country.

Therefore, we saw through this positioning ourselves on the prices of Drobo, Drobo S and Drobo FS.

Drobo4U was the first company to receive feedback from consumers and understand their comments. Recently, in an action of the distribution channel and manufacturer, Drobo4U readjusted the prices of the following products: Drobo, Drobo S and Drobo FS.

One of our main commitments is to offer a fast and accessible service to our consumers. We are supported by the precepts of transparency and respect for our customers and that is why we take your opinion very seriously. Be sure to send us your impressions, because only then can we continue to create successful actions like this one.

Check out the new prices in our store.Drobo4U team

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