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Recent updates on the App Store: Swift Playgrounds, YouTube, 1Password, Pixelmator and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Swift Playgrounds app icon

Learn to Code 3 (something like ?Learn to Code 3?) continues the guided learning experience as you help Blu to explore the universe; the challenge Hour of Code (Hora do Cdigo) offers an introduction to lessons Learn to Code; scroll through your code to highlight each line as it is executed; o Learn to Code now includes music and sound effects; notifications for new and updated content.

YouTube app icon

New design that makes YouTube easier to use, including: find the viewing history, uploads, purchases and playlists in the new Library tab; find the tabs with less effort, at the bottom of the app; understand the tabs more easily with the titles below each cone; switch tabs on any screen; see more videos with a smaller navigation bar; switch accounts, view notifications and manage settings by tapping the avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.

Periscope app icon

Do you make a lot of transmissions? See who your biggest fans are. Do you watch many broadcasts? See which leaderboards you are on. You can recognize a superf from the flame icon in your conversations; share with smaller groups on Periscope. Invite friends, family, or anyone in your community. They can also add people.

Twitter app icon

You can now mute or unmute a conversation's notifications without alerting the participants in the conversation.

PayPal app icon

Now you can send and request payments using Siri! Just say ?Use PayPal to send Maria R $ 125? or ?Order my father R $ 20 through PayPal? to test.

Adobe Acrobat Reader app icon Read PDF

Scan anything with your device's camera; capture a photo of a document, whiteboard, form, portrait, receipt or note and save it as a PDF; scan multiple pages of a document into a single PDF and reorder them as you wish; save and share scanned PDFs; enhance the quality of camera images with improved border detection and text sharpness detection.

Photoshop Express-Photo Editor app icon

Automatically create beautiful, high-quality collages that can be shared with the powerful Smart Layout and Style Transfer options; select and import images in your Google Photos account, edit in Photoshop Express and share or export.

Sorry, app not found.

Customize the conversations according to your mood. Choose from a wide selection of wallpapers, such as watermelon or ice cream, to give your conversations more ?flavor?. Did you see a sticker in a chat that you don't have yet? Just touch it to be yours!

Google Play Music app icon

A brand new app, including the ability to start playing music with one touch, recommendations based on where you are, offline playback of recently played music, among other things.

Google News app icon

Stay on top of the latest news in less than a minute with a summary of personalized news; like the stream customized to your interests, powered by Google?s recommendation engine; control the sources and subjects that appear on your feed sending feedback; enjoy high resolution images, cards articles and a new interface that gives life to your feed; quickly navigate the app with four simple tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Shazam app icon

Shazam for iMessage now starts faster. In addition, we have corrected the operation of VoiceOver on the Shazam home screen.

SoundHound app icon

Play music or videos from anywhere in the app with our music player; enjoy a relaxing musical experience complete with karaok-style live lyrics and entire videos, or simply try a sample of the selected lists to find your favorite songs and keep listening; browse the entire app while your music plays in the background.

SoundHound app icon?

Same as the previous one.

GoPro app icon

View and download the contents on the SD card with the Quick Key.

Musixmatch app icon

If you add, synchronize or translate lyrics, you will receive recognition for your contributions to our lyrics database; now you can finally enjoy the translation of lyrics on your cell phone; editing, synchronizing and translating are now just a touch away, play with the new magic icon that keeps all Musixmatch's powers in one place; take more song lyrics to your text messages and enjoy Musixmatch LyricsStickers for iMessage on iOS 10.

AmpMe - Speaker Booster app icon

The app returned to work with YouTube.

IMDb Cinema & TV app icon

The photo viewer now scrolls in a loop between the first and the last item, design improvements in ?Your Recommendations? and the redesigned registration page.

Polymail app icon

Get a unified, real-time view of all your message tracking activity; see when and by whom your attachments and links are opened; save time on messages normally sent with reusable message templates.

Shortcuts app icon


in Apple

Version 2.2.2 (142.8 MB) Requires iOS 12.0 or superior

Workflow Gallery, the best way to discover workflows created by the community.

Sorry, app not found.

Redesigned app for another easier use; updating maps; standard 3D map display for drivers and 2D view for pedestrians; the app automatically switches from pedestrian to driving when the speed exceeds 25km / h.

HERE WeGo app icon

Trace the route to your home by searching for Spotlight and share links from the app without having to open Safari.

Nike Run Club app icon

Greater reliability in synchronizing running activities, reduced battery consumption and manual running inserts now enable a faster min / km pace.

HipChat - Group chat for teams app icon

Send messages even faster with quick responses from the notifications (iOS 9 and 10); Spotlight search now indexes people and your open chat rooms, so you can start them directly from the search; 3D Touch shortcuts in the app's cone and more!

ICQ app icon - Messaging and Video Chat

New masks, badges and stickers! Voice and video calls are now only in full screen, like iOS 10 cell phone calls. The ?Explore? tab has been updated with featured live snaps and chats, people you may know and an advanced search. New profiles with photos of users and larger snaps.

Wire ? Secure Messenger app icon

Time-read messages now work in groups.

Foursquare City Guide app icon

Possibility of taggear photos, new home screen for iPads, viewing nearby places on the widget and more.

Banco Itaú app icon - your in-app account

IToken preview on iOS version 7.1.2 corrected, search in the statement, export future releases (now you create alerts of future releases in your mobile calendar or directly from your statement).

Air France app icon

The time limit for check in has been added to the boarding pass, consult the boarding pass history, register several bank cards and add your travel companions through your contacts, possibility to track your luggage (limited service for some countries for now) and more.

Cheatsheet Notes app icon

The cone popover and the Watch app now remember recently used cones; contextual actions added to the widget; added option to hide cheats when the device is locked; three new icons: two circles and the @ symbol; option to change the color of stickers in the Cheatsheet sticker package for iMessage; small ad banner for the free version of the app.

Amazon Shopping app icon

Did you know that you have an easy and quick way to make a shopping or wish list? Just touch and hold a product image until the bar appears with the tray at the bottom and then drag there.

Mercado Pago app icon

It is now possible to pay slips and see the list of companies qualified to pay their bills. In addition, improvements for you to choose contacts from your phonebook and recharge cell phones faster and faster.

Digio app icon

Consult card tracking, mask to help when selfie, request the PDF invoice by the application, search for transactions using Spotlight and fix small bugs.

Medium app icon

New section ?Publications? in your feed that helps you keep track of the publications you follow. Whenever there are new posts, the publication goes back to the beginning of the list.

Paper by Dropbox app icon

Now you can find your contacts she searches by tapping a contact in the search, she will display a list of documents that you have worked with together; folder invitations now appear in the tab "Incoming".

Reddit app icon


in reddit

Version 2020.9.0 (91.6 MB) Requires iOS 11.0 or superior

IPad support!

Contacts + app icon | Address Book

New look; use CloudMagic, Google Inbox or Spark to compose emails; open websites in Firefox; open addresses in Waze for easy navigation; tag automatic to filter contacts without an image.

Bring! App icon Shopping list

The new widget allows you to remove items from your current list, directly from the Locked Screen; improvements to the notifications, which now show you a photo of the person who sent the notification and with a strong touch on the notifications, you can see even more details; it is now possible to add new items directly via Apple Watch; I fix many bugs and performance improvements.

Sorry, app not found.

Improvements in the search for medicines, correction in the internal search of the package insert and in the editing of favorites.

Plants vs. app icon Zombies ? 2

Food War event (from November 15 to December 1), which includes: Salsada, the brand new, felicssima and espertssima premium plant; Sweet potato, which returns for a delicious repeat; sneaky zombies dressed as waiters, chefs, customers and tasty dishes; new fun costumes for your plants.

Sorry, app not found.

New episode Isle of Birds (play 21 new levels inspired by the Angry Birds Movie); add 6 more stickers to your sticker album if you can earn them; discover a new hidden Golden Egg level!

Sorry, app not found.

Ditto the previous one, in verse for iPads.

Sorry, app not found.

New unlocking system (collect schemes to expand your kart collection); new karts (faster, better and stronger, now available for all locations).

Jetpack Joyride app icon

Buy up to 9 ?Quick Reanimations? per race; fix a problem in the ?Back to the Future? package; the starter pack no longer appears after 48 hours; general bug fixes and performance adjustments.

Night Sky app icon

Many new features / improvements, including 3D models for all planets, clever tips, new Moon tour and more!

Letterpress app icon - Word Game

News includes: chat; statistics, classification, limit to finish a play of up to five days and more.


Sorry, app not found.

1Password can now be unlocked with your fingerprint on the new Touch ID of MacBooks Pro! Touch Bar support (when using 1Password, you will see the improved controls on the Touch Bar); configuring 1Password for the first time on your computer has improved a lot; improved integration to search your vaults with amazing apps like Alfred and LaunchBar.

Pixelmator app icon

Full support for macOS Sierra and the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, addition of tabs, many improvements to existing features and more!

Telegram app icon

A new option in your contacts' profiles now shows a list of all the groups you share with the person.

Airmail 4 app icon

Touch Bar support for the new MacBooks Pro.

Sorry, app not found.

Same as the previous one.