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Recent updates on the App Store: Instagram, Telegram, Waze and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Instagram app icon

Temporary photos and videos on Instagram Direct: send temporary photos and videos to friends and groups. Slide to the camera to capture and then tap the arrow to send privately.

Live stories (coming soon!): Start a live stream to connect with your friends and followers. When you're done, your live story will disappear. Live stories will be released in the coming weeks.

More about what's new on Instagram in this article.

Telegram Messenger app icon

Telegram applications will open articles and some other specific websites instantly. A new option in your contacts' profile that shows a list of all the groups you share. When using search, you can tap the calendar icon to go to messages for a specific day. Quickly access the package of a sticker recent, without the need to search for it on the list. The application is now blurred in the view of multitasking, if a lock password is defined.

The Russians also introduced, a new publishing platform. Now you can use to publish articles clean, simple and efficient.

Waze app icon - Live GPS & Traffic

New and improved audio settings for better Bluetooth support; you can now change the desired arrival time on planned routes; improved support for iOS 10; bug fixes for fuel prices and parking suggestions; other small bugfixes.

App icon Streets App

Classify favorites in folders and rename them (the action revealed through the gesture of swiping favorites); on the Apple Watch, panoramas can be rotated simply by rotating the wrist using motion detection; the pins are saved in the ?Recent? history; bug fixes, including restoring the blue cover layer.

Airbnb app icon

Now you can find accommodations, experiences and places in one application; book experiences guided by local experts like sushi chefs and surfing legends; receive recommendations for places to visit from people who know the city; add experiences, places and events to your itinerary; improvements to the calendar and messages to make managing your ads easier; enlist the help of a co-owner to manage your ad and space when you?re not around.

Infuse 6 app icon

Version 5.0 of the player is a new binary available on the App Store, which includes a new home page with ?Next? feature, Split View and Picture-In-Picture for iPads, streaming video over the cloud, advanced synchronization by iCloud and more!

Infuse Pro 5 app icon

Same as the previous one, in Pro version

Google News app icon

Stay on top of the latest news in less than a minute with a summary of personalized news; like the stream customized to your interests, powered by Google?s recommendation engine; control the sources and subjects that appear on your feed sending feedback; enjoy high resolution images, cards articles and a new interface that gives life to your feed; quickly navigate the app with four simple tabs at the bottom of the screen.

IFTTT app icon



Version 4.8.0 (79.4 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Now you will see a list of your Applets in ?My Applets?, without having to touch the individual services; to get an overview of all your connected services, you can visit ?My services? in the settings; when visiting a service page, there is now a link to see the already enabled Applets that work with that service. added some prompts additional to facilitate the configuration of Applets; you can now visit service websites on your IFTTT pages; if you discover a product you want to buy or an application you want to test, just look for the buttons "Buy", "Install" or "Visit".

The Weather Channel app icon: Forecasts

My Weather features allow you to keep up with current conditions, notifications and alerts for your location. Experience the novelty by touching the bell cone; performance improvements and bug fixes.

WeatherShot Pro app icon

Send images from the app directly through iMessage!

KAYAK Travel Finder app icon

Possibility to share all your trips, created by you and shared with you; see perks and amenities of the flight in a much simpler way; many improvements and bugs fixed.

Crossy Road app icon

Seven new costumes.

Oktoplus app icon -Control your points

Points ticket alert: Oktoplus app alerts you as soon as a points ticket is below the value you want.

Wikipedia app icon

Learn more about topics that are on the rise through a notification; improved VoiceOver support throughout the application (including widget); support for automatic transcription between simplified and traditional Chinese for Chinese Wikipedia (based on the language of the iPhone / iPad); improvements in the speed of loading and scrolling the feed Explorer, with less network usage; simpler to use random item generator; use 3D Touch to save and share links from anywhere in the app; and more!

App icon nausea: buy clothes and everything +

Each user will have their own home, its rules, with personalized listings according to the latest on the site; search with suggestions; search for shops.

MinhaNet app icon is now on Claro

New, more modern layout; new programming grid filter for your favorite channels; new channel grid format for smartphone; new favorites screen with program images; move channels screen.

Over: Design / Flyer / Story Maker app icon

Good news, including templates.

Contacts + app icon | Address Book

Search for contacts using iOS 10 Spotlight.

Tapatalk app icon - 200,000+ Forums

Ability to hide stickers and show category descriptions on the forum tabs.

Sorry, app not found.

New information and tips panel, new feature to share the profile history, updates to the profile history and more improvements / bug fixes.

Typorama app icon: Text on Photo Editor

Added a text style for Christmas, the ability to control the length / size of texts using the manual line break mode and increased character limit (now 350).