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Promotion: 16GB iPhone SE for R $ 1,499 and 64GB for R $ 1,899!

At the beginning of June we reported that, shortly after doubling the capacities of iPhones SE, from 16GB and 64GB to 32GB and 128GB (keeping the same prices of R $ 2,499 and R $ 2,899), Apple's retail chains that still had the 16GB and 64GB models in stock lowered their respective values ??to R $ 1,999 and R $ 2,299. Thus, it was possible to buy a 64GB model for less than the 32GB model sold by Apple.

The good news today that Fast shop he's got a great promotion. Those who pay cash (on the ticket; the value s appears at the end of the order), take home the iPhone SE of 16 GB per R $ 1,499 and the 64GB per R $ 1,899 break, the devices still have free shipping!

SE iPhones in all colors side by side

As always, it is good to run because the promotion should not last long, no! ?