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PagueVeloz app is launched for iOS, fully integrated with Siri (to make payments)

The internet has become the place where you can do everything, including making payments. The ease with which you can receive and make payments is really incredible, and the platform Payments one of the ones that has contributed to this, having more than 2 thousand customers in the whole country.

And, to further streamline financial transfers, PagueVeloz is now coming to iOS, with great news.

PagueVeloz app icon

For those who do not know, it is a very secure, free and very easy to use service. Just create a login and password to be able to issue and manage payment slips, register and track multiple bank accounts, and even collect and pay in installments on the credit card. The only fee charged for transactions is, if you compare, a lower price than traditional services.

Service properly presented, let's move on to what really interests us: PagueVeloz app for iOS. On your main screen, you have an overview of your available, blocked and released balance. In the app, it is also possible to easily consult your statement and accounts, in addition to being able to generate payment slips and make payments and transfers. The web platform is even more complete and worth taking a look at, but I'm sure the app will get better and better. Despite this, this app brought a very cool innovation; he was the first in the segment fintech using Ma's virtual assistant to carry out transactions!

The motto of fintechs precisely to facilitate and streamline financial management. This feature has been in the DNA of PagueVeloz since its foundation and with the arrival of the app we seek to reinforce this issue. With Siri, our customers will be able to take actions even faster and more conveniently. Using the solution, which is already quite intuitive, will be even easier.

Jos Henrique Kracik da Silva (Zote), CEO of PagueVeloz.

The PagueVeloz app is available for iOS, on the App Store, and also for Android, on Google Play.