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Orders for iPad touchscreens would be so many that even Amazon was hurt

According to information released today by the DigiTimes, Apple will bet very high on the performance of the iPad during the next quarter: orders for touch panels would be in the order of 12 to 14 million units comparatively, sales in this quarter are expected to have been 79 million, an sequential growth of up to 100%!

IPad multi-touch screen

So many orders are expected to represent good gains for several component suppliers, including LG Display, Catcher Technology, Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation and TPK Holdings. Incidentally, the latter would even be dispensing with orders from (which is supposed to be building its own Android tablet), according to Apple's order. Another manufacturer struggling to meet demand from Ma and Jeff Bezos' company would be Wintek.

It will be a problem for competitors to build tablets, since the iPad just doesn't stop on the shelves and Apple orders are always paid in advance and in cash (one of the advantages of having $ 70 billion in the vault). At this point, Ma's strategy is almost evil: like a Bjrk virus, it is killing the market with so much love.

(via 9 to 5 Mac, AppleInsider)