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Official: Anacom suspends consultation of the 5G auction for an indefinite period. 5G calendar is compromised

News of the postponement request has been successful, with operators asking for the extension of the public consultation on the 5G auction, which was due to end on March 25. Now Anacom has just confirmed the postponement of the consultation, indefinitely, after initially setting the new date on April 1.

"ANACOM decided, for reasons of greater strength, to suspend public consultation on the Draft Auction Regulation for the allocation of rights to use frequencies in the 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2.1 GHz, 2 band, 6 GHz and 3.6 GHz, following suspension requests from MEO, NOS, Vodafone and extension in the case of Dense Air ", the statement said, which states that" it was also decided to suspend the prior hearing process and public consultation on the draft decision on alteration of the right to use frequencies attributed to Dense Air Portugal, following the request submitted by this company. "

All requests from operators invoked the situation related to COVID-19 to request the postponement, as did Dense Air. Therefore, Anacom recognized the exceptional situation that the country is experiencing, which supported its decision.

According to the statement, the decision to suspend takes effect on March 19, and "is in force until its withdrawal, to be decided taking into account the exceptional and temporary measures taken to respond to the epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19." .

Committed 5G Calendar

The decision calls into question the 5G timetable that was defined, and which provided for the auction to start in April, after analyzing the results of the public consultation. The delay in the migration of DTT, for which Altice had already warned, already compromised the goals of having services starting this year and which was expected to yield 237.9 million euros.

After the public consultation and the results were evaluated, still in March, the auction should start in April 2020, ending in June 2020, concluding the spectrum allocation procedures between June and August this year, which was in line with the plans that Anacom had already defined. And the chance of being able to anticipate these dates was advanced, as stated by Joo Cadete de Matos in response to journalists at the press conference to present the project.

The migration process of the DTT network had already been suspended due to the constraints associated with COVID-19, and Anacom had decided to extend the consultation, which was due to end on April 1, the month on which the 5G auction should begin. .

The draft regulation for the auction for the allocation of 5G licenses in Portugal was presented on February 10 and, through public consultation, operators have the possibility to present their considerations on the document. However, NOS, MEO and Vodafone asked the regulator for more time.