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NPD says Mac sales grew 15% year on year in April and May

In a note sent today to his customers, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster commented on a recent survey by the NPD Group that indicates that Mac sales must have grown 15% year-over-year in April and May. A few weeks ago, the figure had been 9% but still less than the 22% expected by Wall Street in the quarter.

The entire current Mac family

Everything indicates that Apple will keep its pace for five consecutive years, once again surpassing (and very loosely) the industry average. The NPD finds that the PC segment as a whole has already dropped 4% in early 2011.

It is worth remembering that the NPD data only covers sales from the United States, and Apple has registered a superior performance in the international market. With that, Munster concludes that Apple successfully reached the goal of 4.2 million Macs sold in the period, with an extra gain in June.

(via AppleInsider)