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New MacBook Air may have an SSD about 50% faster than the current one

According to information obtained by the MAC (Google Translate), the next MacBooks Air may be equipped with high performance NAND flash memories, capable of reaching speeds of 400Mbps. The new SSD, which would use a 19 nanometer process called Toggle DDR 2.0, would be soldered to the notebook's circuits, which would make upgrades impossible.

MacBook Air on its side

Today's Airs use a special type of SSD manufactured by Samsung, similar to Toshiba's Blade X-gale, but a little faster, reaching speeds of 260MB / s for reading and 209MB / s for writing.

If this rumor is confirmed, the new MacBooks Air will be 50% faster than the current ones. #brainsplodes

(via AppleInsider)