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New information confirms that Apple will replace Samsung for TSMC in the manufacture of processors

According to information obtained by the Ars Technica in the semiconductor industry, Apple would be close to putting an end to its dependence on Samsung in the production of processors for iGadgets. Nothing more natural, given the growing bitterness in the relationship between the two, with aggressive processes taking place all over the world.

Apple A5 processor

On Friday we commented on a rumor that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) would be the main candidate to take on the production contracts for A6 processors in 2012. According to a source from ArsThis is consistent with ?deafening? rumors about an agreement between Apple and TSMC that has permeated the industry.

Changing suppliers would not only allow Ma to cut off some of the ties that hold her together Sammy, as it would allow to use TSMC's 28 nanometer manufacturing processes. Currently, the A5 manufactured using Samsung's 45 nanometer process.