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New aerial video brings good update on the current status of works at Apple Park

This time it took a little longer than usual since the last video we checked, but Matthew Roberts is back with a new flight over the entire Apple Park.

As we have seen, it is already possible to see inside the Steve Jobs Theater, there are more and more trees planted all over the campus, the historic barn has already been reassembled and for the first time we have a nice view of the Visitors Center (al, MM Tour! ) that is across the street, in front of ?spaceship?.

The final phase of construction is always the most time consuming, with all its finishes. Gradually, Apple Park is losing its aspect of workmanship because, as we reported a few days ago, employees are already working there.

Recently, an anonymous video posted on YouTube stated that Apple would have banned drones in the region. In direct contact with Roberts, the MacMagazine found that it doesn?t take his new video to prove it, after all.