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Nanosys presents display technology that can be better than a Retina display on the iPad

The idea of ??an iPad with Retina display is extremely attractive, although it is not very feasible for now. Only that a new LCD technology, presented by Nanosys, can make it not even necessary to invest in Retina screens, whether for tablets or computers: using a special type of filter to generate white light with less tendency towards blue, the company promises to visibly improve the quality of the colors displayed on displays without increasing battery consumption or weighing on manufacturing costs. The innovation so impressive that it yielded even one article in The Economist.

The video above shows an interview by Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove with Robert Scoble, in which the executive explains the secret behind this new technology, called Quantum Dot Enhanced Film (QDEF) which, by the way, depends on 400 patents duly registered by Nanosys. The reports of those who see these new screens in person are full of superlatives, but it is interesting to note that you can not see so much the level of improvement provided by the QDEF display if you watch a recording on a conventional monitor.

Everything indicates that Apple should launch an iPad with Retina display as soon as the battery, GPU and memory will manage to manage a screen with 2048 × 1536 pixels, but it will be even better if this Nanosys technology is also used to improve color performance in the only from Ma's tablet, but from all of its products (especially MacBooks).

(via Electronist)