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NAND flash memory prices drop 20% in May

Solid state memory, NAND flash

The increase in the pace of production of NAND flash memories and a slight reduction in demand for the product caused the price of these components to plummet 20% in May, according to DigiTimes. Among the companies that reduced their acquisitions in the period is Apple, which did not buy aggressively as analysts had expected.

Ma uses NAND flash technology in the storage systems of all its iGadgets and current MacBooks Air. Despite not buying memories at a pace considered normal by its standards, the company is still at the limit of the iPad 2's productive capacity, in an attempt to respond to the strong demand for its tablet.

Other electronics manufacturers would also be buying less flash memory than expected. With regard to the tablet segment, many of them have reduced their initial production plans, so the initiative was more than expected.