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Minecraft Education Edition virtual school opens doors to children studying at home

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), many schools around the world were forced to close in order to contain possible contagions and distance learning became a reality for thousands of students. To help teachers keep students interested, Microsoft and Mojang have decided to open Minecraft Education Edition access to all schools that have an Office 365 license valid until June this year.

The educational version of the game promises a more practical and interactive learning. On the one hand, it allows teachers to explore new teaching methodologies, on the other, it allows students to learn more than if they were simply observing or taking notes. For example, instead of explaining to students how the human eye works, teachers can have students build a digital eye.

Through the multiplayer functionality, students can work together on their projects. Once the lesson is finished, students can submit the TPCs through the Camera and Book & Quill function, which allows taking screenshots, as well as writing in a virtual book and exporting the files to PDF.

Thinking of teachers who need help planning appealing classes, the Microsoft team has prepared a toolbox with tips, activities and 50 ideas for science and technology lessons. To be able to participate in the offer from Microsoft and Mojang, schools need to fill out a form in addition to verifying that they have a valid Office 365 license.