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Microsoft Teams exceeds 12 million users in just one week

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is dictating the growing adoption of teleworking in many countries. More and more workers are turning to online platforms, and even after a few technical setbacks, Microsoft Teams gained more than 12 million users in a week. The 44 million members generated 900 minutes of online meetings in just 7 days, reveals Microsoft.

The number symbolizes a growth of 37.5% since March 11, when it was around 32 million users. In all, the number of members of the platform has more than doubled since November 2019, when they registered 20 million.

The technological giant's digital platform reached the milestone of 44 million users on the same day that marked its third anniversary. To celebrate the date and ensure that it continues to help users stay in touch even in the midst of a pandemic, Microsoft has announced new features, such as an appointment scheduling application for medical teams in hospitals.

New features in Microsoft Teams credits: Microsoft

In addition, the company is developing several features that promise to improve some of the typical inconveniences of video calls, which will make their debut in 2020. In the pipeline is a function of reducing and improving sound, something that could be useful for workers who live in noisy places. Microsoft is using artificial intelligence to automatically reduce unnecessary noise in a video call, making the microphone pick up only the sound of voices.

The company is also preparing a feature that could prove useful in meetings with particularly talkative actors or with many participants. To ask any question or intervention, the user only needs to click on a button. Microsoft also promises an offline chat mode for Teams, as well as a feature that allows you to open conversations in separate windows and another that allows you to hide the background of the user's location with a kind of wallpaper.