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Microsoft announces Visual Studio for Mac, available later this week [atualizado: saiu!]

I believe, at this point, to say that Microsoft has taken a 180 turn (for the better!) In recent years under the command of Satya Nadella to rain in the wet. The company is friendlier, more open, more creative and accessible than ever, and if you want more proof of that, just know that, for the first time in its 20 years of history, the Visual Studio is getting a Mac version.

Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac

The news was announced through a post on the official Microsoft blog perhaps a little earlier than planned, since it was deleted a little later (here you can access a cached version), but anyway: the fact that one of the most popular development tools in the world is finding its way into the Apple world and now developers who want to use Visual Studio on a Mac will no longer need to resort to alternatives like Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

Obviously, the intention here is that users write entire applications for Windows on a Mac after all, to run such creations it would still be necessary a virtual machine, but for fast editions or creation of software for other platforms, such as iOS, Android or the Mac itself, Visual Studio does its job very well.

As an excerpt from the post now deleted said:

If you like the Visual Studio development experience, but need or want to use macOS, you will certainly feel at home. The user interface (from the Mac version) is inspired by that of Visual Studio, but designed so that the program appears as a native macOS citizen.

Although it brings much of the capabilities of its original version of Windows, Visual Studio for Mac will have some limitations, such as lack of support for some specific types of projects. The great advantage of the new program, however, is the possibility of sharing projects between Macs and PCs instantly, without the need for conversion.

According to the announcement, Visual Studio for Mac will be presented in greater detail tomorrow at Microsoft's Connect () developer event, with a test version available this week.

(via The Verge)

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 11/16/2016 s 14:54

Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac Preview 1

As planned, Visual Studio for Mac is now available for download in version Preview 1. The platform is an evolution of Xamarin Studio, acquired by Microsoft earlier this year.

(via ZDNet)