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MEO, NOS and Vodafone leave the guarantee of quality of services during the pandemic

The companies also intend to ensure that all critical functions of the State remain connected online. The network will be reinforced whenever and wherever it is most needed, also promising to maintain a close dialogue with the Government, in real time.

The operators also reinforce the measures adopted by the Government, namely the suspension of all on-site commercial activity; restrict the hours of public service points that are legally imposed; promoting greater rationalization of the network of stores subject to being open; rotation of service resources in the commercial spaces in operation; promoting and communicating information and recommendations to employees and customers, with programmatic content from the DGS and competent authorities on good practice in preventing contagion; disclosure to employees and customers of the rules for the good use of the services provided.

Another essential measure of the operators is the alert of anti-fraud procedures, which are already circulating on the internet. Companies call on citizens to pay attention to scams or even robberies by people posing as company employees. No operator will make face-to-face visits, on its own initiative, without having been requested by customers and with prior scheduling by telephone or other means. In addition, all technicians are provided with an identification card, displayed to people on their possible previously scheduled visits.

Still with regard to teleworking, operators have adopted a series of rules that they now share with other companies that are adapting to this reality. advised the adoption of VPN systems for the remote access of workers to the respective company systems. Employees must have portable equipment and internet access services. Keeping firewalls on and other security systems on should be a priority. Finally, they should take to collaboration and videoconferencing tools such as Teams and Slack, for example.

Other practical advice for companies involves identifying teams and functions essential to business continuity. The implementation of total teleworking is for non-essential teams or for rotation by internal teams. They must also measure the temperature at the entrance to the offices to detect the coronavirus. Adopt two-meter spacing rules, redefining, if necessary, the layout of the workstations. Companies should also reinforce the hygiene of facilities that remain open to the public.

Workers must keep secretaries clean and have dispensers with hand sanitizers in places where people pass through. More routines for cleaning handles, door locks, running, bell and elevator buttons, product vending machines and other common contact surfaces between people. Finally, the interior access doors must be kept open to reduce their physical contact.

In addition to the telecommunications operators, there is also the movement of 4COVID19 with more than 120 companies and 600 people from different areas working together to help the country in the fight against COVID-19. Among the various objectives, it is intended, for example, to improve the tracking of contagion networks, to facilitate video calls between doctors and patients and to create a support network for displaced doctors and nurses or people who simply need help to go shopping or pharmacy .

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all sectors, at a time when the Government is promoting the use of online services to avoid contact during this pandemic. The technological sector has not "escaped" the virus, with many Portuguese technological companies avoiding travel and meetings and opting for teleworking