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J.P. Morgan: MacBooks Air could become $ 3 billion annual deal for Apple

Analyst Mark Moskowitz, of J.P. Morgan, issued a note this morning to customers updating their MacBook Air sales estimates and this was before the machines were updated, as rumors point out. For him, Apple can obtain a margin with the product even greater than previously predicted.

MacBook Air viewed from below and from the side

"Our current view is that this ultra-thin notebook PC could become a $ 3 billion (annual) deal for Apple," says Moskowitz, who in April had estimated the opportunity at around $ 2.2 billion (which was no longer not bad). That could add an additional $ 0.30 to earnings per diluted Ma.

In the first quarter, Air sales grew by 2.9% compared to the last quarter of 2010. If it maintains its current pace which should benefit from the arrival of OS X Lion and iCloud, quarterly Mac sales may reach to 700 thousand units.

Moskowitz maintained an ?overweight? rating for Apple's shares, with a target price of $ 450. At this time, NASDAQ: AAPL is quoted at $ 328.07 0.4% more than yesterday's close.

(via AppleInsider)