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iOS 14: New features leak to iPhone and iPad

Next version of the iOS 14 operating system will bring improvements to the iPhone and iPad

A copy of the next version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad, which would probably be called iOS 14 (iPadOS 14 for the iPad), was leaked last week to blogs 9to5Mac and MacRumors. The publications wasted no time in spreading the news they discovered and below we list some of the most interesting.

Home screen

The changes brought by iOS 14 start with the iconic (literally) home screen iPhone. According to 9toMac, a new screen will allow viewing all applications installed on the device in a list, something that is already possible in the Apple Watch.

Viewing apps in List on Apple Watch. A more elaborate version should arrive on the iPhone on iOS 14.Viewing apps in List on Apple Watch. A more elaborate version should arrive on the iPhone on iOS 14.

This new view will give the user the ability to filter applications by criteria such as "recently used" or by those who have pending notifications. The Suggestions feature of Crab It will also be available on the new screen to recommend apps according to the user?s time and location.


Until the middle of last year it was impossible to use a Mouse or trackpad to manipulate the interface of the iPad; the Apple tablet could only be used via taps on the screen. That changed with the arrival of the iPad OS (the iOS 13 version for iPad) in September 2019, which introduced the ability to use mice Bluetooth as an accessibility feature, but still in a very limited way.

iPad Pro 12.9iPad Pro 12.9 ? with Smart Keyboard. New version should have a trackpad.

In iOS 14, according to 9to5Mac, support for cursor navigation will be significantly expanded with a similar implementation in the macOS, as there are references in the support system for gestures and clicks with multiple fingers (for trackpads) and the right button of the Mouse.

The cursor will also be changed according to the content on which it is positioned, for example, from an arrow to a ?mill? when placed on a link to the internet.

The leak also indicates that new models of the Smart Keyboard I will include trackpads (something Microsoft already does with the Surface line), essentially turning the iPad into a laptop. It remains to be seen with the software be adapted to accommodate this change in the form of interaction with the system.


The Apple messaging app is nowhere near the popularity of WhatsApp in Brazil, but for those who use it, the company is preparing some improvements. One of them is the possibility to quote a user in a group conversation by typing "@" followed by the person's name (the iMessage automatically display suggestions to help you choose).

IMessage applicationsiMessage: ignored by Brazilians, iOS native messaging app gaining new features.

Still on groups, the indicator that someone is typing a message will finally be made available in this type of conversation; currently the infamous three dots are only displayed in chats private. Another welcome addition to the ability to mark the last message in a conversation as don't deal.

Finally, another feature that iMessage lacked: delete outgoing messages. According to MacRumors, a notice will be displayed to conversation participants when a delivered message is deleted by the sender.


The selection of standard iOS background images is quite limited (and somewhat bland), but Apple seems willing to expand it with iOS 14.

Selecting the Background Image on the iPhoneiOS 14 have more options to customize the iPhone background image

The 9to5Mac has found evidence that third-party applications will have the ability to add wallpaper packs directly to the system's background image setup screen, eliminating the need to manually save an image on the camera roll to then set it as a background wallpaper. screen.

In addition, Apple prepares new ways of organizing wallpapers through categories, such as "Flowers" and "Earth & Moon".

New apps

Both publications also revealed the existence of two new native apps on iOS 14, one focused on exercises and the other on experiences with augmented reality (AR).

Handled by the codename Seymour, the new fitness developed by Apple be made available for iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The application contains guided training for different types of exercises, such as running, cycling, stretching, dancing and yoga.

Apple Watch is expected to gain even more features focused on fitness and exercise.Apple Watch is expected to gain even more features focused on fitness and exercise.

Users will be able to download and watch videos with exercise instructions on the iPhone or Apple TV and then run them while using the Apple Watch, which will monitor the user's progress. Apparently, both the app and the content will be offered free.

J the AR application, codenamed Gobi, allows users to obtain information about items around them in an establishment. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is testing the app at its own stores and the Starbucks coffee chain. In a Apple Store, for example, the user would open Gobi on the iPhone and use it to obtain the price and product specifications available in the store.

The application is able to automatically start ?AR experience? when the user approaches devices installed in stores, such as tags NFC and beacons.

New Augmented Reality (AR) app to be one of Apple's bets for iOS 14.New Augmented Reality (AR) app to be one of Apple's bets for iOS 14.

Release of iOS 14

The leaked resources, as well as those that Apple is able to keep secret, should be officially launched by the company during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held annually in California in June. This year, due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the event will not be in person, but will be broadcast entirely over the internet.

It is possible that some of the leaked news will not be included in the final version of the operating system, since Apple's plans may change until then.