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iOS 10.2 will bring up to 1,000x greater security for iGadgets backups through iTunes

Recently, the company Elcomsoft accidentally discovered a way to access an encrypted iTunes backup in just 3 hours. The failure has been reported to Apple.

Well now, the iOS 10.2 (which has just arrived in the second beta version) brought great security-related improvements, as reported by DigiDNA, the company behind the iMazing app.

Backup via iTunes

Apple had basically the same encryption system for backups since iOS 4. When trying to improve this on iOS 10, what happened was a major flaw that allowed hackers to easily discover the passwords used to protect backups. After Ma was taken, the flaw was fixed and released with iOS 10.1.

However, not completely satisfied, Apple worked to further enhance security, something it values ??very much and brought with iOS 10.2 beta a protection that makes validating the user's password a much more demanding process. Still in the second compilation of tests, this update promises to bring up to 1,000x greater difficulty in having the backup password hacked according to DigiDNA, basically it would take 1,000 years before a hacker managed to discover the password by attack from outside force.

for these and others that we always need to stay connected in updates (even if they do not bring visible news). Always have someone discovering flaws, and fortunately, Apple tries as quickly as possible to go after the damage and fix it.

(via Cult of Mac)