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Instagram is inspired by Snapchat and could launch a new feature of “ephemeral” messages

Instagram can launch a new feature that allows you to send ephemeral messages similar to what happens on Snapchat. The discovery was made by well-known technology researcher and blogger Jane Manchun Wong, after finding the new method among the application code.

According to the researcher and blogger, the feature allows the user to enter a messaging mode within Instagram Direct. After the participants leave, the conversation is automatically deleted. The company confirmed to Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter that the new function is still in a very experimental phase. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of users when sending messages. The functionality is being developed and has not yet begun to be tested internally, says the social network.

Remember that this is not the first time that Instagram prepares new features inspired by Snapchat. In February 2018, the social network launched a function that allows the user to decide how long they want the images or videos they send via Instagram Direct to be visible.

Although the company has not given any indication as to when functionality may arrive, there is also a possibility that it will not see the light of day and remain as a prototype. However, most of the discoveries made by Jane Manchun Wong turn out to be a reality, if only after a few months.