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Information points to the production of 15 million iPhones 5 / 4S and new supplier for the A6 chip

O DigiTimes today released two interesting pieces of information about future Apple products, obtained from Asian component suppliers. The first comes from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC): according to Dan Heyler, an analyst at Merrill Lynch, the company has a good chance of winning the A6 chip production contracts in 2012. The forecast is that the production of this processor for a future iPad represents 2% of the company's total sales all other tablets would represent 4% of TSMC's revenue.

Apple A5 processor

Switching suppliers to futures processors iGadgets it makes sense, given that Apple and Samsung (which today manufactures the A5) are currently grappling in a process that could severely embitter relations between the electronics giants.

The other piece of information came from Pegatron, which suffered a lot from a huge reduction in orders for the iPhone CDMA and notebooks from Asus, but could recover with the arrival of a new Apple smartphone in September. Ma's initial orders are expected to reach 15 million units only in the first month of production.

a good amount of smartphones, but I think there will still be an iPhone shortage in stores.

(via AppleInsider)