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Indicates that Apple Brazil may pay for iPhone used in exchange for a new one soon [atualizado 2x]

Since 2013 Apple has offered a good option for customers who have an old iPhone on their hands and want to "exchange" it for a new one. I speak of ?IPhone Trade-up?.

Its operation is very simple: you enter an Apple store (or send your smartphone by mail to Ma), who evaluates the device and gives you a credit ranging from $ 45 (for an iPhone 5) to $ 260 (for an iPhone 6s Plus) everything obviously depends on the state of conservation of the phone. This credit is then used to purchase a new iPhone.

This Ma program is currently available in several countries (Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, Taiwan, etc.), but no Brazil, there was no sign of him. Around here, some Apple partners (like the iPlace network) have been offering something similar for some time, but it seems that the company decided to bring its own program to the country. At least what this banner indicates that is available within the Apple Store app, see just:

Image: Placeit

By touching it, however, we are directed to a page that is not (yet?) Activated on the Apple website. Even so, the URL leaves no doubt that this is the ?iPhone Trade-up?.

Taking the values ??of iPhones repair services in the USA and comparing them to Brazilian values, we see that they cost an average of 5x more here than abroad. If this rule is maintained in the ?iPhone Trade-up?, we can speculate that the amounts paid for handsets here may vary from R $ 225 (iPhone 5) to R $ 1,300 (iPhone 6s Plus). Obviously, this is nothing more than a ?kick? of ours, but it is nonetheless indicative.

O MacMagazine got in touch with Apple Brasil's press office to find out more information about the possible arrival of the ?iPhone Trade-up? here if this information is shared, we will update this article.

It is undeniable that you will always get a higher value if you sell your old device here at MM Frum, Mercado Livre, OLX or anywhere else. This goes for everything: if you are going to sell your old car to buy a new one, you will earn more by selling on your own account than by taking it to a dealership. As always, what weighs in these hours is the convenience / ease of acquiring a new device / car "getting rid" of the old one in a very simple and quick way and being rewarded for it.

Fact: the more options to facilitate the purchase of a new device here, the better. ?

required to all who sent us this tip!

Update by Rafael Fischmann 07/14/2017 s 08:48

Apple took the spotlight on the novelty of its app, and the URL remains unavailable. For now, no statement from her on the subject.

Update II 07/14/2017 s 18:53

Apple Brasil's advisory informed us that "this program does not apply in Brazil for now, so it is not on the air".