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Increase productivity with the Pomodoro technique through Focus To-Do

For those on teleworking, it is not always easy to reconcile work and leisure time: there are a thousand and one tasks to do and distractions that end up having a negative impact on productivity. Focus To-Do is an application that promises to help users fulfill all daily tasks and find a healthy balance.

The application uses the productivity increase technique created by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The method is simple, but requires some attention at the hour. The technique divides the time it takes someone to do a task in 25-minute intervals, or in pomodoros. After each one, the user can take a short 5-minute break. At the end of 4 pomodoros, it is time to take a longer break, usually between 15 to 30 minutes.

The application allows you to create a list of all the tasks that the user has to do. When choosing an item from the list, the application starts counting the time in pomodoros. If the user is unable to complete the task on hand, the user can always return to the beginning. In order to check progress over time, Focus To-Do also provides daily, weekly and even monthly statistics.

Focus To-Do is free, but if you really want to put the pro in productivity, you can join the premium service for about 2 euros, which has exclusive features. The application is available for Android, on the Play Store, for iOS, on the App Store.