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In the wave of competition, Instagram launches live broadcasts and ephemeral messages

In yet another move to shamelessly copy the competition to strengthen its platform and bring news to users, Instagram today announced two new features that should strengthen it as the second most important name of social networks (the first being, of course, its owner, the Facebook).

The first and most important of these is the live broadcast, which will be implemented in the seo Stories (Stories). To start a transmission, simply go to the screen for creating a story and select the tab Live the circle with your profile at the top will indicate that you are live and your contacts who have requested it in the application will receive a notification informing them of the fact. It is possible to add comments and the transmission owner can ?pin? one of them for everyone to see, for example. A curatorship of lives most popular at that time be shown in the tab Discover.

The big difference between live streaming from Instagram and other services, such as Periscope or Facebook itself, is that things are ephemeral here, the video of the broadcast is not saved after its termination. Therefore, whoever saw, saw; who did not see, never see again. According to the developers, this is a way to encourage users to be uninhibited in front of the cameras and simply be fun, considering that there will be no replay of those moments although I can see it going in the right direction indeed controversial.

The other novelty of the day taken directly from Snapchat: the possibility to send photos and videos that are automatically deleted after a certain time to contacts on Instagram Direct. The operation is very simple: when taking a photo and making all the desired adjustments, in addition to being able to post it on Stories, you can send them directly to one or more contacts.

The only differentiating factor here in relation to the ghost network is that Instagram remembers the people you sent the last one to Direct and display this group first in the list when you send the next one, which is especially convenient if you are sending a series of photos in sequence and are not well aware of the recipients.

The new self-destructive messages will begin to be released today, while the live video streaming feature will be released in homeopathic doses, starting today with a small number of users in the meantime, we will all be able to see the broadcasts immediately.

And a, enough to keep Instagram on the cutting edge of social media or are there more interesting things coming from elsewhere? At a time when more fresh ideas and more innovative approaches attract young people far more successfully than traditional schemes like Facebook or Instagram, something tells me that they will need more than copying competitor resources to stay relevant over the long term. term.

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(via The Verge)