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Imagination Technologies announces its next generation of POWERVR Series6 “Rogue” graphics

Apple currently uses designs from Imagination Technologies to power the graphics performance of processors present in iGadgets, and possibly the partnership should continue like this. Yesterday the developer of technologies for mobile devices announced its next generation of graphics, the POWERVR Series6 "Rogue", already licensed by six companies. Three names have been revealed (ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments and MediaTek), but the others remain secret. Apple is very likely to be on that list.

Imagination Technologies

Imagination was deliberately vague when talking about the performance of its Rogue GPUs, saying only that they offer ?unmatched GFLOPS per square millimeter and per milliwatt for all APIs?, while also promising full backwards compatibility with the current generation. However, in a press release released in February, ST-Ericsson has provided some concrete figures on the new generation of GPUs: it will be able to generate more than 350 million ?real? polygons and 5 gigapixels per second, being even compatible with DirectX.

All of this sounds wonderful, but I need to keep in mind that for now this is just a project for the future: we shouldn't see anything on the market until 2012, at the very least. So, nothing to expect that the iPhone 4S / 5 already brings this GPU.

An iPad 3 with Retina display and A6 chip, on the other hand

(via MacRumors)